33 week pregnancy update

What has happened?

Well, we did a bit of this again today:


Back in the hospital because of an unexpected bleed. But Pippin was doing ok, after the initial panic hubs and I were doing ok and I got to come home https://buycbdproducts.com within a couple of hours. The staff at the hospital were amazing, and I got to see the delivery suite, so prep for birth I guess? For some reason it has a mural of a lovely Caribbean beach in there, I couldn’t quite work that one out.

Shout out to the taxi driver who drove me to the hospital and walked me in, I think he was scared to leave me in case I went into labour then and there. Luckily, Pip is going to cook for a little bit longer, which is much needed. Though it has given me a kick up the bum to get my bags packed, and keep my mobile charged too, scary times!

Pippin’s room is pretty much there too, its just a case of cutting in the paintwork and then getting the furniture in. IKEA has also become a bit of a second home and I can’t wait to get all the lovely accessories in we’ve bought.




Baby is:

Well on track for a 9lb9 birth weight (ouch!). Pippin is still wriggling away, so much so they struggled to get a regular heart rate. Baby also objected to being on the monitors and spent its time trying to boot them off.

Baby also engaged this week, albeit briefly. I felt the head drop on Tuesday, Midwife confirmed it on Friday but by the time I was in hospital today baby had moved back up again. We’re head down though by the looks of things, which is good.

Mummy is:

Sore and struggling to sleep. Bump is now so big that getting anywhere is a struggle, and there’s still weeks to go! I’m still (supposedly) diabetic, but my blood sugar levels are actually too low according to the nutritionist? So that’s a discussion for the consultant.

In other, vaguely amusing, news, I did my bloods on Friday night and got a whopping 10.7. It had only got up to 9.9 after my GTT. I sat there for ten minutes running through everything I had eaten, which was pasta and quorn meatballs in a tomato sauce, homemade. I could not get my head round it. Until I remembered that I had been holding a McFlurry for hubs in the car and some had spilled on my finger. Turns out those things have a lot of sugar, which will show up in your results even if it mixes with the blood outside of your body… My levels were actually a respectable 6.0.


31 weeks pregnancy update

I disappeared, again! There’s been so much going on that before I know where I am I am at 31 weeks pregnant with only another 7-8 to go. We aren’t ready for that kind of reality yet!

What has happened?

Well, I finished work on the 1st July, so am now officially unemployed with a baby on the way. But the rest is nice and I feel like I can get the house sorted for the new arrival. Bad and good points I guess.

Pippin’s room has plaster, and nearly paint. So that only leaves flooring, radiator and furniture before we can actually start to put all baby’s stuff in there. Which is amazing because it means I can get the rest of my house back, and have an office space again, and generally not live in a building site!

I am diabetic. Not the biggest surprise ever, since I was considered high risk anyway with a family history and being overweight and all. But it is a pain, and means we’re having to reconsider birth options, for example baby might have to make its arrival at around 39 weeks rather than allowing for it to choose its own time. At the moment my bloods are keeping stable via diet management, and there’s no reason for me to be on medication, plus Pippin is measuring right along the line, so no worries there either. For the moment I’m having growth scans every two weeks, just to keep an eye on things. Although, being a gluten free, vegetarian diabetic is no mean feat and this little kit has become my constant companion.

I can’t complain about the care I’m getting through, the midwives are doing their absolute best to get me the birth I want, and I do believe that if they can manage it I won’t have the medicalised birth I am more than a little scared of. Can’t say fairer than that really.

My iron levels are still low, even though I’ve been taking one tablet a day from around 20 weeks and two from 28 weeks, so they are a little bit concerned about that. But I’ll be having blood tests to monitor my levels, and hopefully they will pick up. Now, where’s that bag of spinach?

Also, we had the labour and birth class yesterday.

Baby is:

Getting quite big now, by the feeling of things anyway! According to the growth scan Pip is in the 90th percentile. The wriggling is getting far more pronounced now, my whole tummy ends up being thrown around by it, and one of the midwives got kicked in the head four times when trying to listen to the heartbeat! (Sorry, about that!). I like to think that means Pippin will be far less lazy than me and it’s daddy. Baby is also head down, but at this stage that’s probably temporary, but I’ll take the switch. Baby had been breech for weeks, so hopefully it doesn’t turn round again!

Mummy is:

Flipping tired by now. I’m getting sleep in, maybe, two hour chunks if that. What with discomfort, needing to pee and getting too hot, sleeping has gone out the window. For me and the poor husband. Hips are getting more painful, especially at night or if I’ve been sitting or walking too long. So, constantly. Plus baby’s kicks are getting strong enough to hurt now.

I’m having loads of tightening across my bump. Assuming this is Braxton Hicks or something? Generally I’m just feeling quite big and uncomfortable. I’m 31 weeks pregnant, what do I expect really? I have to be honest, this stage is uncomfortable, and I feel it will probably get worse, but it still beats the vomiting nightmare that was the first trimester, hands down.

27 week pregnancy update

27 weeks! It’s going really fast and I don’t feel like I have nearly enough time left to prepare. Since when did time speed up?

BabyBump 15.06.2016.jpg

Work has been so busy, which hasn’t helped because I am constantly exhausted, but I’ve dropped my hours which seems to help a little bit. We did quite a bit of travelling this week for Birthday’s, and frankly that destroyed me a bit.

WatermarkedBabyBump 17.06.2016.jpg

Three and a half hours in a car is no fun with a giant belly, but It was lovely seeing family and baby Pippin got a handmade pressie from it’s Great Nana.

Pippin's Blanket 18.06.2016.jpg

Alf’s not sure how he feels about the bumpy. He doesn’t mind lying on my tummy, but when it starts moving he is trying to chase it. I’m not sure if he knows what is going on, but he knows things are changing. Saph is still hiding because the house isn’t just how she likes it. Bit worried how she will cope when Pippin arrives!

WatermarkedBabyBump 12.06.2016.jpg

Baby is:

Dancing and moving lots and lots now. We saw real rolling for the first time, which was pretty nice, although weird and a bit like being in Alien frankly. Its good to know that Pippin seems to be doing ok now.

Mummy is:

Pretty good. Although I’m getting a bit stuck sometimes now, particularly if I’ve rolled onto my back whilst asleep or am in the bath. Sometimes if I’m sat in a particularly squishy chair. I feel well though, just tired. My feet are really tired, it actually feels like the soles of my feet are aching, does anyone else get this?


23 Week Pregnancy Update

It has been really hard to write these updates before. For most of this pregnancy I have been absolutely terrified of something happening to the baby, but I’ve settled into a mostly calm state now, until I think of the impending labour though!

Baby is:

The size of a Chinchilla, apparently! And moving lots, particularly in the morning and evenings. I’m starting to get lots of movement after eating too, and at other random times. The other day we saw Pip roll over in my tummy which was both amazing and strange.

Mummy is:

Pretty chilled all things considered. It’s been another week where I have been quite ill. My intolerance have taken a real jump since becoming pregnant, and since the back end of last week I have been really poorly. I also feel rather massive now, I can’t get used to my brand new bigger belly and it gets in the way a lot. Sometimes I am still forgetting I’m pregnant! I’m also really tired.

Maternity yoga is brilliant though, and it was my first Aquanatal class this week.

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update


Week 22 was not a fun one, all in all. I’ve been poorly, again and there was a bit of a nasty incident with a dog colliding with my tummy. Luckily no harm done!

Baby is:

Apparently sleeping 12-14 hours a day (which is what I wish I could be doing!). I now have a Guinea Pig sized baby in my stomach, hopefully its not quite as hairy though. I’m getting more kicks than every before and have started spending a little time each morning watching baby bounce all over the show in my belly, which is lovely.

Mummy is:

Tired. And unwell. I’ve felt really emotional all week and had a stressful Thursday onwards with intolerance-related illness again. But it will pass I am very, very sure!