Emma’s Diary 34 week Pack

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So I got the 34 week Emma’s Diary pack from my midwife on Friday. Spoiler, I was actually only 33 weeks – don’t tell Emma.


When I first started getting these I was looking everywhere to find out what I might get. This one had bigger samples than the last.


There’s a small sample of Fairy non-bio pods, and the safety information leaflet about not letting children get anywhere near them (of course!). This pack also comes with a sample pack of four size one Pamper’s nappies. We’re planning on using cloth, but I’ve been putting any samples of disposables in my hospital bag, thinking that would probably be easier than carrying home dirty reusables!

There’s also a sample packet of Dettol Wipes, as well as £8 worth of vouchers off Dettol products. Unfortunately I don’t really use Dettol, but I’m sure I’ll use up the wipes and I think a lot of people would find the vouchers really useful. There’s even one for money off a Dettol No Touch Handwash System, and I’ve seen those for anywhere between £10 and £12, so it is quite a good saving.

The biggest sample in the pack is a full-sized tube of Bepanthen Ointment, in the 30g tube, which is around £3 in Tesco. I’m not sure if I can actually use this with reusable nappies, some brands say not, but it’ll go in the nappy drawer just the same.

There’s also a guide to Labour & Birth included. Which, admittedly, I haven’t actually read yet. But I probably will!

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