23 Week Pregnancy Update

It has been really hard to write these updates before. For most of this pregnancy I have been absolutely terrified of something happening to the baby, but I’ve settled into a mostly calm state now, until I think of the impending labour though!

Baby is:

The size of a Chinchilla, apparently! And moving lots, particularly in the morning and evenings. I’m starting to get lots of movement after eating too, and at other random times. The other day we saw Pip roll over in my tummy which was both amazing and strange.

Mummy is:

Pretty chilled all things considered. It’s been another week where I have been quite ill. My intolerance have taken a real jump since becoming pregnant, and since the back end of last week I have been really poorly. I also feel rather massive now, I can’t get used to my brand new bigger belly and it gets in the way a lot. Sometimes I am still forgetting I’m pregnant! I’m also really tired.

Maternity yoga is brilliant though, and it was my first Aquanatal class this week.

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