20 weeks pregnant – 20 weeks of urine infections.

I am 20 and a bit weeks pregnant and the poorlys are making a comeback.

By that, of course, I mean I have the 60572319th urine infection of my pregnancy.

Or third, I have my third urine infection.

Only I didn’t realise. Again. I just got weepy and woke up shivering despite my body being the temperature of a furnace, sobbing that I was leaking amniotic fluid, again. Until my husband kindly pointed out that I had woken him up with chattering teeth, it wasn’t amniotic fluid, but urine (again) and maybe I should ring the doctor. Then he stole my duvet, made me have a big drink and a cuddle.

Once I cooled down I realised he was right and these were the same symptoms. It’s really strange just how messed up a couple of degrees can make your body! I cried yesterday because I couldn’t make up my mind whether to go to pregnancy yoga or not (the answer was clearly not). My husband had to ban me from entering the kitchen because I couldn’t stop clinging to his shirt and he was trying to fry sausages. I actually asked him whether he was going to come back after having a wee… (he said no).

My temperature comes down and I am back to criticising the couples on Double Your House.

Unfortunately as we are approaching antibiotic course number three it looks like they might just stick me on a low level dose for the rest of the pregnancy. Really bizarrely my cultures didn’t grow, but my midwife assures me pregnancy can mask it. So I will drink as much fluid as possible and make my 300th trip to the bathroom in order to flush this thing out.

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