Pippin’s 10 month update

There’s been so much going on of late that I haven’t really had the inclination to write much. Not just in our own lives, although that has been really busy with the renovation, and I’ve also started therapy in order to deal with some of the feelings I have around Pip’s birth. It also seems that every time you turn on the news right now there’s another terrible thing happened. There seems to be so much sadness right now.


Pippin continues to grow, as babies do, and she’s thriving. We had her 9-12 month check this week, and the health visitor said she’s in the top end of the bracket for development. I try not to look at the lists of things she should be doing, but it is always good to know she’s doing well.

She’s still in the 91st for weight, which surprised me a little because she never stops moving! Although she has lost a little. She’s also just under the 50th for height at 71cm. Her dad says she takes after her parents: short and stocky! It is true that she has little legs, just like me. Her trousers always have to be rolled up.

She’s surprising us now with everything she can do. In the last couple of weeks she’s moved on from walking whilst holding both of your hands to just one hand. She has also mastered climbing the stairs, which is a little scary to be honest.


Her sixth tooth also cut this week, so she’s dropped the amount she’s been eating. She has also dropped her milk feeds to three per day, although she still feeds massively overnight.

Still exclusively breastfed and unfortunately although we’ve seen a bit of an improvement in her allergies Dairy is still a no go.

She is loving turning the pages of books right now, and is having a go at putting the rings on to her stacker. She still absolutely loves knocking over towers, but has also started kicking them down too. She can also kick and throw a ball, although it very often doesn’t go where she intends it to.

Pippin and I had a joint trip to the dentist and we’re starting to get somewhere with the teeth brushing – although I think she likes the toothpaste a little too much!

Her birthday feels like it is coming along at a really rapid pace now, and I’m just hoping to get back into our own house in time for us to throw her a little party!

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