When things don’t go exactly to plan…

Does anything go according to plan? Not the renovation at any rate.

We are four months in and we’re still no closer to being home. Well, that’s a lie. We have functioning electrics and some rooms on the way to being completed, but it is now looking like it will be the end of November before we’re back in our house, and that is if everything goes smoothly.

Nothing ever goes smoothly with a renovation.

It feels so disheartening to go over there, our family home has been reduced to brick walls and although we’ve re-plastered all of the upstairs and most of the downstairs it is still no closer to being liveable. Which is sad because it was our family home, and now it just feels like a bit of a shell!

That has a knock of effect as well, because I love my in-laws and I’m grateful we’ve had somewhere to stay and the ability to do the much needed work on the house. But it is hard for a family of three, and a lot of their stuff, to be in one room.

I’ve lost motivation with it all, because it feels never ending.

Has anyone else done a renovation? How do you get over the hump?

Hopefully, soon, I will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully we will be back home for Christmas!

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