Pippin is here

Baby Pippin made her arrival into the world just over a week ago today.

She was born via emergency Cesarean section at 7:44am on the 27th, and weighed 8lb13.


It hasn’t been the easiest of rides for us so far, but we’re home now and one the mend. Currently we’re just trying to get to know our new baby and settle in as a family of three. Hopefully I will resume life as (new) normal in a few weeks, but until then I’m going to retreat into my little nest with my beautiful little girl.

A deviation from the normal routine

I’ve disappeared again recently, this pregnancy lark has been harder than I imagined it could be and, frankly, I imaged it being pretty hard!

So, last weekend we took another little trip to the hospital, as I said, which turned out fine, and Little Pippin appeared to be happy and healthy, and the unexpected bleed was just that, an unexpected bleed. Pip was measuring a little big, but not anymore than throughout the rest of the pregnancy and the only issue was that my consultant couldn’t tell if Pip was breech or not, because baby’s legs appeared to be curled up underneath. With me only being 33 weeks they weren’t too fussed and off we went home. Sunday was spent lazing around and sleeping, because hospitals are tiring.

Wednesday I had my next growth scan – we ended up seeing a consultant because they were concerned at the rate Pippin had grown in the space of two weeks, especially since my midwife had recorded Pip as following the curve perfectly on the previous Friday! My blood sugar had been normal, and they couldn’t explain why there was such a massive jump.

The reason they were so concerned about the massive jump was because, if correct, it means that little Pip isn’t so little, and we’re looking at a birth weight of 11lbs +. They don’t think that giant Pip will manage to come down the birth canal in the way little Pip might have. I can’t say I disagree with them there. So, after my growth scan next week I’ll know whether I’m to be induced early, at somewhere between 37 and 38 weeks, or to have an elective cesarean section at 39 weeks.

So things over at Pip and Blossom HQ have become a little hectic, its all hands on deck to make sure that we’re ready for Pippin’s arrival, which may be three weeks sooner than we were expecting. I’m washing cloth nappies and cleaning like there’s no tomorrow, and hubs has been busy finishing all the little jobs that needed doing, plus we’ve drafted in both sets of parents to help clean/paint/take things to the tip.

I feel we should have expected this, as a couple we can’t just do things in the standard way. I’m a bit scared to be honest, this isn’t the birth I planned for, and I just want Pippin to be ok and not to have problems because of the diabetes. I’ll know more in a weeks time.

Did anyone else have to prepare for the birth of a giant baby? Any tips for a slightly scare first timer?

23 Week Pregnancy Update

It has been really hard to write these updates before. For most of this pregnancy I have been absolutely terrified of something happening to the baby, but I’ve settled into a mostly calm state now, until I think of the impending labour though!

Baby is:

The size of a Chinchilla, apparently! And moving lots, particularly in the morning and evenings. I’m starting to get lots of movement after eating too, and at other random times. The other day we saw Pip roll over in my tummy which was both amazing and strange.

Mummy is:

Pretty chilled all things considered. It’s been another week where I have been quite ill. My intolerance have taken a real jump since becoming pregnant, and since the back end of last week I have been really poorly. I also feel rather massive now, I can’t get used to my brand new bigger belly and it gets in the way a lot. Sometimes I am still forgetting I’m pregnant! I’m also really tired.

Maternity yoga is brilliant though, and it was my first Aquanatal class this week.

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update


Week 22 was not a fun one, all in all. I’ve been poorly, again and there was a bit of a nasty incident with a dog colliding with my tummy. Luckily no harm done!

Baby is:

Apparently sleeping 12-14 hours a day (which is what I wish I could be doing!). I now have a Guinea Pig sized baby in my stomach, hopefully its not quite as hairy though. I’m getting more kicks than every before and have started spending a little time each morning watching baby bounce all over the show in my belly, which is lovely.

Mummy is:

Tired. And unwell. I’ve felt really emotional all week and had a stressful Thursday onwards with intolerance-related illness again. But it will pass I am very, very sure!