About Pip and Blossom

I’m Rebecca, creative writing graduate and mumma to Pippin.

2015 started out an utter hell of a year, within a couple of weeks of the new year we had lost someone very close and found out that we would probably not be able to have children without medical intervention. What’s really funny about a start like that to the year, is it can sometimes give you the kick up the arse you needed to really get things together.

So hubs and I got back into working on our house, I poured loads of energy into my degree and we booked our wedding for the August. I graduated and got a job in my field and things were looking much more positive in January 2016 than they had the previous year.

Turns out 2015 had one more surprise for us, as we found out on the 2nd January that we were unexpectedly expecting baby Pippin! And so Pip and Blossom was born, to track my pregnancy and my adjustment to the unexpected mummy life. You can read more about how I felt when I found out I was pregnant here.

Follow me as I muddle my way through this thing called parenthood, with some help from the husband of course. If you want to see a little more of what I get up to in my ‘spare’! time, you can find me and my baby on Instagram and Twitter. You can also see me occasionally popping up guest posting around the web.

It’s lovely to meet you, come and explore.