No. 1

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it before – but this isn’t my first blog. My guilty secret is that I have tried blogging before, unsuccessfully. I kept giving up at the first hurdle.

My other blog was supposed to be about the renovations of our 1930’s home, and it dried up a bit after we moved into our home and promptly sacked off doing any work at all. Until I got pregnant and we realised that a house with plaster falling off the wall probably wasn’t safe for a baby. We have subsequently realised that it is even more difficult to do up a house when you have a small baby – seriously, who has time for that?! But my new years resolution is to get some of the crap done on the house that has needed doing since we bought it three years ago.

So, a bit of background.

No.1 is a 1930’s semi. We bought it for the space it offered, how light and bright it was, the lovely garden and mostly because it was the biggest house we could get for the money we had at the time. As it turns out that has worked out lovely, No.1 is absolutely a family home.


It has more issues that we could ever have imagined, and I love a good vintage home. It is far from a ‘good’ vintage home. The advantages are its aforementioned lovely garden and lightness, two large bedrooms, an original 1930’s bath and a lovely open plan reception space. It’s disadvantages are shot plasterwork, leaking windows, a tiny kitchen and mould.

When we bought it the house could have passed as a 1970’s show home, garish carpets and anaglypta everywhere. The tasteful bathroom suite was complimented by woodchip and the kitchen was finished with tiles in a charming shade of brown.


I look back at the photos and think, wow, the house used to be tidy! We went in with so much enthusiasm and basically no plan, and that was a huge mistake. We managed to finish the reception rooms, do odd jobs in some of the others and then basically ignored it for the next two years. It wasn’t all laziness. The money ran out and we were paying for the house, it made sense to move out of the one room we were living in and into our new home – finished or not.


Then we found out we were having a Pippin and we knew we had to get a wriggle on. So we sorted a few outstanding jobs around the house and made a nursery (which we haven’t finished: I hope you can see the theme here.)

My new years resolution is to work on getting more rooms done, the bathroom first I think, then the two remaining bedrooms and then the hallway. The kitchen we are still in two minds about. Our house is lovely, if in need of some tlc, but the area isn’t the one we saw ourselves settling in. Ideally we would extend and have a lovely kitchen-diner, but if we intend to move it wouldn’t be worth it financially. So we’re still debating that one. But hopefully No. 1 will make a few more appearances on the blog. You never know, we might ave finished Pippin’s room by the time she’s ready to move into it!