27 week pregnancy update

27 weeks! It’s going really fast and I don’t feel like I have nearly enough time left to prepare. Since when did time speed up?

BabyBump 15.06.2016.jpg

Work has been so busy, which hasn’t helped because I am constantly exhausted, but I’ve dropped my hours which seems to help a little bit. We did quite a bit of travelling this week for Birthday’s, and frankly that destroyed me a bit.

WatermarkedBabyBump 17.06.2016.jpg

Three and a half hours in a car is no fun with a giant belly, but It was lovely seeing family and baby Pippin got a handmade pressie from it’s Great Nana.

Pippin's Blanket 18.06.2016.jpg

Alf’s not sure how he feels about the bumpy. He doesn’t mind lying on my tummy, but when it starts moving he is trying to chase it. I’m not sure if he knows what is going on, but he knows things are changing. Saph is still hiding because the house isn’t just how she likes it. Bit worried how she will cope when Pippin arrives!

WatermarkedBabyBump 12.06.2016.jpg

Baby is:

Dancing and moving lots and lots now. We saw real rolling for the first time, which was pretty nice, although weird and a bit like being in Alien frankly. Its good to know that Pippin seems to be doing ok now.

Mummy is:

Pretty good. Although I’m getting a bit stuck sometimes now, particularly if I’ve rolled onto my back whilst asleep or am in the bath. Sometimes if I’m sat in a particularly squishy chair. I feel well though, just tired. My feet are really tired, it actually feels like the soles of my feet are aching, does anyone else get this?