OOTD George Floral Tea Dress

So excited about this dress!

My uniform of late has been either grey maternity trousers for work or maternity skinny jeans out of work.

Who am I kidding?! My out-of-work uniform has been PJs for weeks.

I realised at about 17 weeks that anything restrictive around the hips would start baby tap dancing on my bladder. Excessively uncomfortable when suffering from repeated urine infections – stretchy became my friend.

But this dress. It’s not maternity. It’s just a Floral Print Tea Dress from George. I did size up and it’s a little big on the chest right now, but that just gives me room to grow!

I love the shape of it, it has a little key hole detailing on the neck and a high waist that sits over bump. It also has a tie round the waist, so you can tighten it up a little if you were to size up in anticipation but want a more defined waist. It also has a zip fastening down the back, from neck to hip, making it really easy to get on and off.

It’s a light cotton feel material, so it will work summer and winter I think. Or for snow in late April if you’re being treated like us. It’s black with a pink and white floral design, I think they might have more colours, but, honestly, I was shopping on a tablet and ASDA’s website is shockingly difficult to navigate on mobile.

And all for £14 from George at ASDA. It’s a bit of a steal.

Where did I wear my new dress I hear you ask? Well, work. Look at my little(ish) bump hiding under the desk!


I did go to Ikea and Mothercare as well. My Friday’s brim over with excitement.

I spent far too much at ASDA the other day, I’m trying to justify it by saying that I really do need bigger clothes now (and baby needs clothes too!).

Baby brain? What Baby brain?

I have heard tell that baby brain does not exist. This is a fallacy. Why else is my memory shot?

I lose my keys around fifteen times a day, my purse keeps going walkabout and it’s very lucky if I have remembered to put on clean underwear in the morning*

Maybe it has less to do with the physical aspects of pregnancy and a little more to do with the fact that I am 20 weeks away from one of the biggest life changes that will ever happen. And am not prepared.

There seems to be so much to take in, remember and learn, plus I am working and juggling everything I was doing before and house renovations. On very little sleep.

Maybe this is nature’s way of preparing us for the sleep deprivation and it’s related symptoms that will follow. I will let you know in 20 or so weeks.

20 weeks pregnant – 20 weeks of urine infections.

I am 20 and a bit weeks pregnant and the poorlys are making a comeback.

By that, of course, I mean I have the 60572319th urine infection of my pregnancy.

Or third, I have my third urine infection.

Only I didn’t realise. Again. I just got weepy and woke up shivering despite my body being the temperature of a furnace, sobbing that I was leaking amniotic fluid, again. Until my husband kindly pointed out that I had woken him up with chattering teeth, it wasn’t amniotic fluid, but urine (again) and maybe I should ring the doctor. Then he stole my duvet, made me have a big drink and a cuddle.

Once I cooled down I realised he was right and these were the same symptoms. It’s really strange just how messed up a couple of degrees can make your body! I cried yesterday because I couldn’t make up my mind whether to go to pregnancy yoga or not (the answer was clearly not). My husband had to ban me from entering the kitchen because I couldn’t stop clinging to his shirt and he was trying to fry sausages. I actually asked him whether he was going to come back after having a wee… (he said no).

My temperature comes down and I am back to criticising the couples on Double Your House.

Unfortunately as we are approaching antibiotic course number three it looks like they might just stick me on a low level dose for the rest of the pregnancy. Really bizarrely my cultures didn’t grow, but my midwife assures me pregnancy can mask it. So I will drink as much fluid as possible and make my 300th trip to the bathroom in order to flush this thing out.